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Keep Organized ^v^

on March 28, 2012

I love to keep everything organized as I don’t want to waste any second to look for anything.

I think I am an organized person. Thanks God for giving me opportunities to be trained like this. I had to learn the hard way, by making tons of mistakes, living with clutter and junk that ran my life and no system to undo my mistakes. I have read many books teaching how to be an organized person. The best way to succeed is to learn through the frustrated experience. The following tips help me become an organized person.

1. Set the goal

I always THINK before I take action. I usually think out what I am going to do, how I carry out it, when I am going to do it, and how long time I will spend on it.

2.   Make a list

I always have lists to keep track of everything what I plan on doing for every task, when they are going to get finished, and how I will do these tasks.

3.   Keep a schedule

This calendar is just like my wallet. It stays with me all the time. I put every tasks, appointments, meetings, etc. on the schedule so that I don’t forget. I always check and look at it to see what tasks are still pending.

4.   Rank the tasks

I will categorize the tasks into the following types:

1)        Urgent and important;

2)      Urgent BUT NOT important;

3)      Important BUT NOT urgent; and

4)      NOT urgent and NOT important.

I will try my best to do the first 2 tasks first then the other.

5. Advance the deadline

I hate doing things at last-minute, so I attempt to complete them ahead of schedule as possible. Mark the advance deadline on a post-it and place everywhere that can remind yourself, eg. on the fridge door, on the mirror in your bathroom.

Although I did all the above tips, I still miss the deadline sometimes. In order not to miss the deadline again, I will rank the tasks. I do it at the beginning of the day. I sit down, take a breath, make sure my brain is here. Then I open my schedule, generate a list for a day, prioritize the tasks and set the time frame for each task. The most important thing is to advance the deadline. I treat this presumed deadline as a real deadline of the task. In my mind, over deadline means YOU ARE DEAD, NO EXCEPTION for making up once more. I can’t let it happen :D, so I always plan the schedule is 2 days ahead before the original deadline.

These are some simple steps that forming habits and that can change our rest of lives. I can do it. You can DO it too!


One response to “Keep Organized ^v^

  1. Anna says:

    Whether we’re organized or not, can show our characters. I think I am in the middle. I’m not really organized but I don’t think I am not an organized person (kind of in the middle).
    Where there is a will, there is way.

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